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Federal Baseball

Federal Baseball, SBN's Washington Nationals blog. It's quality. Basil does a terrific job covering a less-than-terrific team, and I applaud those efforts. I also felt it necessary to at least do this today, since we've just been conquered by the goddamned Washington Nationals. I also feel it necessary to not refer to them as the Expos today. I never even mean any harm by that, I just think it's a cool name. But Nationals, and Nats fans, today we all bow down to you. You kicked the crap out of us over three games in our house, and win the season series, 4-2.

I'd be embarrassed or humbled, but I also could've put up a graphic link to Purple Row a few days ago, or Lookout Landing before that, and I figure AZ Snakepit is up next.

We suck.