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One last time

Adios, Todd. Best of luck getting back into the bigs somewhere.

I think we've covered my love for The Todd enough, but I'm with everyone else on this one, believe me. The guy had a really strong 2005 season as a set-up man for BJ Ryan, but he's been mediocre at best and God awful at worst since then. But I think you can say this: For a rather non-descript reliever, Todd Williams is pretty memorable. He went from good to bad in a flash, and failed to intentionally walk someone once.

Danys Baez on the DL is even better news to me, since at least Todd was good for us at one time. That sounds really harsh, doesn't it? I don't want him to be injured, I just don't want him on the team anymore, and this is the only realistic way. Baez has been a (somewhat predictable) disaster. I supported the signing to a degree, but I wasn't crazy about it.

Jimmy Jam Hoey and Cory Doyne are up to replace Baez and Todd. Hoey could be really good and probably has a real shot at replacing Ray in the closer's role provided he does well and Ray continues to struggle, but I don't expect much from Doyne. Lucky for him, he doesn't have much to replace.