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Flanagan and Olney on Radio

Both appeared on the Anita Marks show today, here's a few tidbits:


  1. Team flight was delayed to San Diego by the FO so they could meet with the players.
  2. There might be "other changes" made before the team gets to California.
  3. Mazzone was "disappointed" about his BFF getting fired, but will remain with the team because he loves the young pitching staff.
  1. A "team of executives" will be meeting with Girardi tomorrow to offer him the job.
  2. MacPhail will be taking over baseball operations in earnest. Compared it to Sandy Alderson in San Diego. He reiterated that MacPhail would have operational control and Angelos would have a less hands on approach. He says there is no way MacPhail would have taken the job if this were not the situation.
  3. He doesn't think Mazzone will be here next season.
I couldn't actually listen to the show, I'm relaying this as a 3rd party.
Rumor has it the "changes" before they go to California will be minor league call ups.