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Gameday Thread: Orioles at Padres, 06/19

Game Time: 10:05 | TV: MASN2, CH4 (SD) | Radio: WHFS
Steve Trachsel, RH Jake Peavy, RH (5-4, 3.94) (8-1, 1.82)

Yeah, we play a game today, too, although we may as well just have Trembley come out to the steps and wave the white towel. Don't even make Boob Boom get dressed for this one.

This pitching matchup is absurd. Jake Peavy has 103 strikeouts. Trachsel has 23. Trachsel has walked 38 batters. Peavy has walked 27. Trachsel has given up eight homers, Peavy just one (April 19, Chris B. Young).

At home, Peavy has a 2.55 ERA. So technically, that's where he sucks this season. His road ERA is 0.88, which is vile. Trachsel has a 5.00 ERA and 26-to-11 BB-to-K ratio away from the Yards this season.

But wait! There's more! In three June starts, Trachsel has a 6.19 ERA. Peavy is also having his worst month, at 3.05. In 98.1 career innings against the Padres, Trachsel has a 5.31 ERA and a 7-8 record. In his lone start at PETCO, he went six and gave up two earned. Jake Peavy has never had the pleasure of pitching against the Baltimore Orioles in his young career.

Do you think Padres fans let out a groan when they found out the O's were coming to town this year? I would also wonder if people groan when the Orioles play at home, if anyone was going to the sorry excuses for games they've been putting on at Oriole Park.

There are days when you can probably guess the Orioles won't win (most of them! ha!), but, like, really, man. I bet that plane ride to San Diego was fun, though. Buncha guys talkin' shit, I figure.

Do you realize that in 2001, the Mariners lost 46 games the entire season? Reeeeeally makes ya think, y'know?

Also, 619 is an area code in San Diego.