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Gameday Thread: O's at Angels, 06/02

        Game Time: 9:05 | TV: MASN2 | Radio: WHFS

Steve Trachsel - RH Joe Saunders - LH
(4-3, 3.39) (2-0, 1.96)
B. Roberts - 2B R. Willits - LF
J. Payton - CF O. Cabrera - 2B
N. Markakis - RF V. Guerrero - RF
M. Tejada - SS G. Matthews - CF
K. Millar - DH C. Kotchman - 1B
M. Mora - 3B E. Aybar - 2B
R. Hernandez - C M. Napoli - C
Orange Hole of Suck - LF S. Hillebrand - DH
C. Gomez - 1B C. Figgins - 3B

It's game 3 of a 4-game set against a real, live MLB team. The good guys took game 1, and it's arguable they gave away game 2.

Trachsel's been as dependable as anyone on the O's staff this year, but a quick glance at Joe Saunders' numbers tells you this is a formidable task.

Hopefully, the Angels' fan base will be staying home en masse to watch Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals on NBC at 8 p.m., where the Anaheim Ducks play in Ottowa already leading 2-0. So, without the tens of thousands of Ducks/Angels fans in attendance, the O's stand a greater chance of winning, right?

OK, I'm reaching. But go Ducks. And go O's!