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Gammons: An offer has been made to Girardi

Joe Girardi interviewed with the Baltimore Orioles on Tuesday, and ESPN's Peter Gammons is reporting that the team has offered him their vacant managerial job.

The Orioles are currently negotiating with Girardi to become their next manager, two baseball sources told The Baltimore Sun


Because, we don't have the time to interview more than one person, right? Like, there's just no time to talk to Davey Johnson? Nothing much is at stake here, right?

I guess MacPhail is truly calling the shots.

Meanwhile, Joe Torre is telling Girardi don t do it!:

...although the two haven't spoken since Girardi became a candidate for the Baltimore job, he cautioned Girardi to make sure his next job is the right one.

"I want to see him manage again, but he has to be the one to make the decision he's comfortable with," Torre said before last night's Yankees-Rockies game. "He felt comfortable going into the Marlins job, it just didn't pan out the way he wanted it to. "I think the next time he jumps into it, he's going to have to feel secure with having the backing of everybody involved in the organization."

..."He's a pretty bright guy. He's not in a rush, even though I know he'd like to manage again," Torre said. "I don't think he's of a mind that, 'I need this job.'