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Oh my God, the Orioles won a game

Seven different Orioles scored a run, Corey Patterson actually got a hit, and Jeremy Guthrie was dominant over eight innings to give the Orioles a 7-1 win in San Diego, ending their nine-game losing streak, and giving Dave Trembley a .500 record.

On the other hand, Jay Gibbons still managed to go 0-for-4. I'd trade him for a trial copy of Windows Solitaire.

In a week where there's been largely nothing good to say about this franchise, let's go ahead and say it again: Jeremy Guthrie is awesome. This is nothing to do with people being unfamiliar with him (knock on wood). This is just flat-out excellent pitching. He keeps the ball over the plate, keeps it in the park, and even without overpowering stuff, has the balls to challenge opposing hitters. His ERA is now 2.42.

Right now, Guthrie and Roberts are the only two Orioles really worthy of All-Star nods. Who'd have figured? Not me, that's for sure. I've eaten some crow over things, but this Jeremy Guthrie crow is to die for. Seriously, try some.

HEY. Someone got here searching Google for "Jay Gibbons shirtless" -- WHO?