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Girardi's out, disregard the poll

Wow. Wow. The team never said anything official, but it was pretty much supposed to be a given. Joe Girardi was going to be the manager of the Baltimore Orioles.

Not so much, y'all. I don't like Girardi and I'm glad he won't be the manager, but this is further embarrassment. Now what? They aren't going to stick with Dave Trembley because by even officially making the offer to Girardi, they've sent the message that Trembley was just supposed to fill time. If they leave Trembley in the position, they're saying they're settling because nobody worth a damn wants to come manage this team.

I'm sure most of us now want to see Davey Johnson back, and I do. I really do. But there's this very real, very horrible part of me that just wants to let it all be crazy-go-nuts, which means there's just one man available that can do the job.

What are we going to do, lose? Bring it on! Bring on Dusty Baker! DO YOUR WORST, ANGELOS.