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Two Stories: Trembley and Tejada

Reports out of San Diego are that Miguel Tejada's left wrist is OK...maybe. Roch says that initial X-rays were just a precaution, and came back negative, but that the team sent him back for a CT scan. Tejada says if it's not broken, he'll play.

How about these comments from Dave Trembley?

What I saw was guys taking a lot of pitches and working the count, using the whole field, being patient at the plate, except the ninth inning, when we really could have broke it open. I thought we were a little over-anxious there. We're going to try to do some things a little bit different. We're going to try to open it up a little bit. We may run with guys in certain counts. And if you see guys running in certain counts, it's not necessarily that they're going to be stealing, but we're going to run-and-hit a little bit.

I couldn't care less about the hit-and-run "aggressiveness" crap, but the parts about plate discipline are really foreign coming from an Orioles manager, and I think I like it. Trembley spent a long time coaching in the minors, so I'd have to guess that maybe he's a little more concerned and used to preaching things like patience and fundamentals and other things that just weren't that high on the list for Perlozzo or Mazzilli or even Hargrove (and I liked Grover).

Plus, being an interim manager means you really don't have to worry about balancing the egos. Long-term, maybe Trembley can't keep the team together, the same as his predecessors couldn't. And dealing with egos is a really huge part of a managerial job. Jim Leyland isn't the world's greatest strategist, but he deals with players well without coddling them. He strikes a great balance.

If Tejada is hurt (and I doubt he is), then that would really suck. I mean, jeez, who would hit fourth then? Marvin Benard?

A couple of posts down, Roch asks a real toughie: "Quick question: If you had to trade Guthrie or Erik Bedard right now, which one do you give up?"

Well, I know I'd give serious thought to the 28-year old rookie with 11 major league starts to his name instead of the 28-year old lefty that leads the American League in strikeouts and has been above average four straight years (two of them shortened by injury).

I enjoy reading Roch's stuff (he seems to like the team, rare for a sportswriter), but if anyone answers in favor of keeping Guthrie over Bedard, they've got rocks in their freakin' head.