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Gameday Thread: Orioles at Padres, 06/21

Game Time: 3:35 | TV: MASN | Radio: WHFS
Erik Bedard, LH David Wells, LH (4-4, 3.64) (3-4, 4.86) 2B B Roberts 2B M Giles SS M Tejada (C Gomez as sub) LF J Cruz, Jr. RF N Markakis 1B A Gonzalez 1B K Millar CF M Cameron 3B M Mora C M Barrett LF J Payton SS K Greene CF C Patterson 3B K Kouzmanoff C A Castillo RF H Bocachica P E Bedard P D Wells

Might not be around when the game starts, so I figured I'd just put this up now.

BUH-DARD. Leadin' the AL in strikeouts. One Oriole has ever led the American League in strikeouts: Bob Turley had 185 for the 1954 Orioles, the first year the team was in town. Turley also walked 181 batters.

Other O's that finished in the top five at season's end in strikeouts: Mike Mussina (3rd in 2000, 4th in 1996 and 1997), Mike Flanagan (3rd in 1979, 4th in 1978), Jim Palmer (4th in 1970, 1975, 1977), Mike Cuellar (5th in 1969), Dave McNally (5th in 1968), Chuck Estrada (5th in 1960), Hoyt Wilhelm (5th in 1959), Jack Harshman (4th in 1958), and Connie Johnson (3rd in 1957).

I could fill up an hour or so talking about David Wells. Boomer is beloved by many for being who he is, but he isn't a fun-loving chunker like El Guapo or something, he's just a loudmouth fatso. That 1996 season he spent in Baltimore didn't much endear him to me, either, since it was his one legitimately crap season as a full-time starter between 1993 and 2005. But you can say this about David Wells: He is a survivor. I'd have never expected that tub of guts to last this long, although he really looks finished. But he's 44 years old, so of course he looks finished. The difference between Sidney Ponson and David Wells is that David Wells was smart on the field. Ponson was an idiot everywhere.

Update [2007-6-21 15:19:55 by duck]: Tejada took batting practice and pronounced himself fit to play. I guess we dodged a bullet there.

Update [2007-6-21 15:43:55 by duck]:Tejada flied out to infield, replaced by Gomez as pinch runner after fielder's choice. Gary Thorne was not thrilled by his presence in the lineup. PLEASE stop this streak tomorrow!