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Cora, Kelly added to the rumor mill

With Girardi out, the managerial search is still quite on. Anyone hoping for Dave Trembley to finish out the season may as well stop hoping; it ain't happening. Trembley is as interim as interim gets. They are very much hunting for a new, more name-y manager.

White Sox bench coach Joey Cora and former Twins manager Tom Kelly have been mentioned now, though Jim Duquette is pretty sure (as we all are) that Kelly simply has no interest in managing anymore. Tom Kelly managed the Twins from 1987 through 2001, won the World Series twice, and overall did a pretty damn good job given some of the teams he had to work with. Kelly, of course, replaced Ray Miller for Minnesota, in Ray's first of two failed managerial jobs.

Cora is interesting to me. He's been mentioned a few times over the last couple of years when jobs open up. He's currently the White Sox bench coach, and it would seem to me that he probably sort of helps balance out Ozzie Guillen with the players. Or maybe he's a nut, too, who knows?

So the official rumor list right now reads as follows: Davey Johnson, Dusty Baker, Mets bench coach/former White Sox manager Jerry Manuel, former Cubs and Rockies skipper Don Baylor, Cora, and Kelly, who probably should have a red X through his face, too.

Dipper may well get an interview, but I'm not considering him a real candidate, because no one else does, either.

Update: Buffalo Bisons manager Torey Lovullo is also being talked about. Haven't heard his name in a while.