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Gameday Thread: Orioles at Diamondbacks, 06/23

Game Time: 9:40 | TV: MASN2, FSN (ARI) | Radio: WHFS
Brian Burres, LH Livan Hernandez, RH (3-2, 2.94) (5-5, 4.50) 2B B Roberts LF E Byrnes CF C Patterson SS A Ojeda RF N Markakis 2B O Hudson 1B A Huff 1B C Jackson 3B M Mora CF C Young LF J Gibbons 3B M Reynolds SS F Bynum RF C Quentin C P Bako C M Montero P B Burres P L Hernandez

Hernandez has had a serious roller coaster season. He had three good starts to open the year, then imploded at San Diego. Three good starts, disaster in Houston. Five good starts, two giant turds against the Yankees and Devil Rays. He's been hit hard (.288 BAA) and he walks too many in comparison to too few strikeouts, but he survives for now. With Webb and Johnson, the D-backs can afford some rockiness in the rotation. They managed in 2001.

I can't believe the Orioles have won three in a row. It's probably just a momentary thing, but it's fun to win games. Viva Dave Trembley!

Wait a minute...what the HELL is that lineup he's putting out there? Crime in Italy.