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Gameday Thread: O's at Diamondbacks, 06/24

Game Time: 4:40 | TV: MASN2, FSN (ARI) | Radio: WHFS
Steve Trachsel, RH Doug Davis, LH (5-5, 4.24) (4-8, 4.26) Roberts 2B Byrnes LF Gomez SS Drew SS Markakis RF Hudson 2B Hernandez C Tracy 1B Millar 1B Reynolds 3B Mora 3B Young CF Payton CF Quentin RF Knott LF Snyder C Trachsel P Davis P

So we have two pitchers whose ERAs are two one-hundredths of a point apart, but whose luck has been diametrically opposite. Trachsel's managed a .500 record while Davis has lost twice as many as he's won. Let's hope the O's can tag on one more loss before we're done with interleague play.

Since SC made his last post at 4 am, I figured I'd better post this in case the boss didn't wake up in time. And since I have a four-hour girls softball party to attend while the game's on, this was my last chance to do so.

So, as the O's are tanking another one, think of me with 300 7-12 year old girls screaming their lungs out at a pool. I really wish I could watch this game.

Go O's.

Update [2007-6-24 16:39:50 by duck]: Thanks to WestCoastO'sFan for the lineups.