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Gameday Thread: Yankees at Orioles, 06/26

Game Time: 7:05 | TV: MASN, YES (NYY) | Radio: WHFS
Andy Pettitte, LH Jeremy Guthrie, RH (4-5, 3.28) (4-1, 2.42) DH J Damon 2B B Roberts SS D Jeter SS C Gomez LF H Matsui RF N Markakis 3B A Rodriguez C R Hernandez C J Posada DH A Huff 2B R Cano 3B M Mora CF M Cabrera 1B K Millar RF B Abreu LF J Payton 1B M Cairo CF C Patterson

Quick and dirty today. Let's go, O's. Today we face Jake, tomorrow the Fat Man.