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Manager Hunt: Girardi in '08? plus Tejada out until August

Miguel Tejada will be out until August, at least, thanks to the fractured left wrist suffered at the hands of Doug freaking Brocail, of all the goddamned people in the world.

Seriously, Doug Brocail? Thanks, dude. Thanks a lot. Doug Brocail. YOU WATCH YOUR ASS.

The plan for now is for Gomez and Boob Boom to split time at shortstop and try to hold down the fort. Like when Mora was out and Gomez filled in for him, it's unfair to expect much out of Chris Gomez in a starting role. I hope he just hits his singles and does what he can. It's all that is reasonable to ask of a guy that is playing major league baseball as a veteran utility infielder, so it's all I'll ask.

As for Bynum, um, run hard and try to hit, I guess. Maybe one of them will hot hand it.

Cal Ripken, Jr., gave Andy MacPhail a vote of confidence: "Andy MacPhail has a nice resume coming in, a good resume with Minnesota, a good resume with Chicago. ... certainly from the outside you could make a case that here's someone that has done it before, and if anyone had the ability to come in and start to put together a stable environment, it could be him."

He did not, however, give the Orioles much of one: "I think the change might give some hope in the initial stages, but it just seems like it's part of the ongoing environment of the change, which is not good for the players, it's not good for the fans, it's certainly not good for management to keep switching around."

Rumors abound that if Dave Trembley finishes the season as the Orioles manager, Joe Girardi could be revisited in the offseason. The front office is making it clear that they don't want to rush into anything. You know, disregarding that offer that Girardi passed on.