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Gameday Thread, Pt 2: Yankees at Orioles, 06/28

4-2 Yanks in bottom 7th

Update [2007-6-28 21:33:10 by duck]: Make that 6-4 O's with 2 on, 2 out in bottom 7th with a rain delay.

Update [2007-6-28 22:17:22 by duck]: Make that 8-6 NYY wirh rain in top of the 8th - Jeter on 2nd, 2 outs.

Update [2007-6-29 7:44:57 by duck]:Sure enough, the game was officially suspended, to be finished from where they stopped on July 27. Any players used that exited the game aren't available, and neither is Melvin Mora - he got tossed for his complaint about the weather. In MelMo's words from today's The (Baltimore) Sun:

"I just asked [Tschida], 'You don't think it's too wet?' And he just started yelling at me and cursing. I said, 'You don't have to curse at me for asking a question.' And he was upset. I said, 'This is worse than when you stopped the game when we were winning. Why aren't you going to stop it now? I can't even see the ball.' And he was just cursing and cursing and cursing, and I was like, 'OK, this is not good.'"

Speaking from experience MelMo, no, it's not good when the official starts cursing at you.