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Let's give the other team their due

What a big, fat waste of money this joker is turning out to be. The only thing that's made being an O's fan worthwhile in the last week and a half or so has been these two wins over the New York Yankees, the second of which saw Erik Bedard absolutely dominate the Bronx Bums and Roger Clemens get his ass kicked and fail to strike out even Corey Patterson.

Roger Clemens is maybe the greatest pitcher to ever live, but I am quite enjoying this flat face fall of his this year. After all that Yankee and ESPN trumpeting of his grand arrival -- "The Rocket is coming! The Rocket is coming to save us!" -- Clemens hasn't been worth a damn. His ERA now sits at a lovely 5.32.

I don't want to come down too hard on Clemens himself. Every baseball player, no matter how great, gets old. And Clemens held on a lot longer being phenomenally great than pretty much anyone ever has before him. What I'm making fun of here is the New York Yankees. People like to say "Yankees suck," but now, it's actually true. They suck.

The Yankees aren't making the playoffs this year because they aren't good enough. Rodriguez, Jeter, and Posada can only do so much. Johnny Damon leading off is a joke. Bobby Abreu stinks. Robinson Cano looks like a one-year wonder.

They're playing themselves out of the race in a hurry, and it's marvelous. They're just too inconsistent and too prone to serious slumpage to make anything out of this season, and when you pay that much money for a team, it has to win the World Series or it's a bust. For the seventh straight year, they're a bust.