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Some links and rumors

Hey! Are you from North Carolina? You might be. If so, check out this site, dedicated to getting the O's and MASN on Time Warner cable down there with all the Tar Heels and Blue Devils and Wolfs of Packs. This is organized by MASN, and despite my general loathing of Peter Angelos, I have to say that everyone at MASN has been quite cordial in my few dealings with them. And, really, why wouldn't Time Warner carry the network? Get with it. Brian Roberts' family can't even see their boy play.

Roch says that Andy MacPhail will continue to "evaluate" Dave Trembley through at least July 31. I like that it gives Trembley time to prove himself, but man, there are a lot of guys that can "get the respect of the team" and "get the team to play hard" over two months. Change after a situation like Perlozzo's is always good. Even Perlozzo himself had the Orioles trying a little harder at the end of the God awful 2005 season than they were the last while under Mazzilli. They need to take more into account if they're going to seriously consider Dave Trembley, but the front office might be measuring his success by how many times he can say something hard-nosed in post-game press conferences. The Orioles front office might also be judging him by how he takes his coffee, who knows?

Mike Sweeney will be on the trading block, apparently, which only comes about six years or so too late. Now he's not only a walking injury, but he isn't any good. He's on the DL with back spasms right now.

Tim Brown says that the Yankees might trade young pitching to upgrade the major league club. It's too bad we don't have anyone to trade them at their trouble spots (relief pitching, outfield, first base). And it's also too bad that the trade we made with the Yankees this year got us Jaret Wright. Isn't it amazing to remember that Jaret Wright is technically on our team? Ha! What a great idea that was. Thanks, Leo.

Mark Buehrle wants to stay with the White Sox even though they stink. The Cardinals, Braves and Mets are considered the front-runners right now.

Miguel Tejada ain't being traded thanks to the injury, and the front office wasn't that big on it to begin with. They were willing to listen to offers, but that's as far as they'd considered.

Capt. Douchebag Shea Hillenbrand got designated for assignment because he couldn't understand how he wasn't playing all that much. He wanted to be traded, so they DFA'd him. Hillenbrand is one of the truly annoying figures in Major League Baseball, an unprofessional ass if ever I've seen one. Give me Bonds over this dick any day. At least Bonds is good.

Jose Contreras could be headed to the Mets. Mark Teixeira has received interest from the Yankees, as shocking as that sounds. Griffey and Bonds could both be traded, although the latter is far less likely. Griffey's been rumored to the Cubs for a week or so.