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You know what really grinds my gears?

Look, I don't think Jon Knott is going to be an impact player or that he should be starting every day or anything, but he's got legitimate power and could be worthwhile off the bench. I would rather have him on the 25-man roster than Jay Gibbons, but Gibbons is here for what now seems an eternity, so I have to live with him.

I accept Jay Gibbons as a cruel reality. But Knott could maybe be a Terry Crowley-type guy, who sits on his ass and comes up and busts one open in the ninth. And yet the team that employs Terry Crowley (inexpicable as it may be by now) is obsessed with having three Manny Alexanders.

Chris Gomez and Freddie Bynum were quite enough to cover the absence of Tejada. If they'd get over their hard-on for Gomez as a late-innings defensive first baseman (because, honestly, is Millar going to drop a ball in the ninth inning and cost us a dearly important victory?), then they'd be fine. But since they HAVE that, here we are with Brandon Fahey again.

Fahey isn't a Quadruple-A player, he's a Double-A player. I like him OK enough on some levels. He hustles and runs out his crappy grounders like this time he might actually beat the throw, but in the immortal words of Derrick Coleman, "Whoopty damn doo."

For a team that has been carrying an historically weak bench all season long, you'd think they'd take the Tejada loss as a sign to maybe add SOMEONE who MIGHT hit the ball past the infield, and they did, for like, two days. Brandon Fahey?? Again? Did Perlozzo's public complaints about roster moves not make anyone in the front office think maybe some of the stuff they were doing was stupid? I understand not admitting your stupidity, but can't you learn from it?

One guy on this team can hit and they called up Brandon Fahey, who can do basically anything but. The Orioles. God.