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OPEN THREAD: Let it all out, people

It's funny how a season works. We were all realistically pessimistic at the beginning of the season - we will suck less, but still suck.

We bitched and moaned through April, but the team stayed within earshot of .500. May came and the Brain Surgeon Sam mistakes kept piling up, but somehow, this team remained within 5 games of the Wild Card.

Many of us saw the Mother's Day Masscare coming as soon as BS Sam stepped out of the dugout to get Guthrie with a 5-0 lead and 1 out in the 9th and started screaming for BS Sam's head. Yet toward the end of May, the O's were .500 - really, they were.

The free fall came, BS Sam was let go, we were jilted at the altar by Joe Cool, and the team went 3-3 on a West Coast road trip that usually spells disaster.

The O's just took 2 of 3 against an admittedly bad Yankees team, and stormed back in a game in which they were down 2 runs. A few rain drops, 4 Yankee runs, a typically Parrishian meltdown and a very questionable decision by umpire crew chief Tim Tschida to re-enact the last scene of The Fan, and we're screaming bloody murder again.

Well, scream away. Sometimes, ya just gotta vent. And today is one of those days. And besides, the two Gameday threads had more than 550 comments, so we need a new place anyway.

SC, hope you don't mind the Open Thread, but these people need an outlet! NOTE: Photo is from Yahoo! Sports