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Gameday Thread: 2007 All-Star Game, 07/10

Game Time: 8:20ish | TV: FOX | Radio: ESPN Radio
Dan Haren, RH Jake Peavy, RH (10-3, 2.30) (9-3, 2.19)
Ichiro Suzuki, SEA, CF Jose Reyes, NYM, SS Derek Jeter, NYY, SS Barry Bonds, SF, LF David Ortiz, BOS, 1B Carlos Beltran, NYM, CF Alex Rodriguez, NYY, 3B Ken Griffey Jr, CIN, RF Vladimir Guerrero, LAA, RF David Wright, NYM, 3B Magglio Ordonez, DET, LF Prince Fielder, MIL, 1B Ivan Rodriguez, DET, C Russell Martin, LAD, C Placido Polanco, DET, 2B Chase Utley, PHI, 2B Dan Haren, OAK, P Jake Peavy, SD, P

Yes, it's useless. Yes, its method for deciding rosters seriously needs some work. (Can Bud Selig make Barry Bonds wear a Rory Fitzpatrick hockey jersey, please?)

And the fact that the winning league gets home-field advantage has proved meaningless in the last 3 results. Gee, how many games did the Red Sox, White Sox and Cardinals need in the last 3 years to win the Series? Seems to me like each won in a lot less than 7 games.

Use this thread as you see fit for All-Star Game discussion. Complain about who didn't make it. Complain about who did. Test each other's trivia knowledge, like "Who was last year's All-Star Game MVP?" or "Who the hell actually cares who wins the All-Star Game MVP if he doesn't play in Baltimore?"

Discuss whether there even should be an All-Star Game, or do we need more - one for a fan lineup and a separate one for players' voting, as I've heard suggested this week. Maybe they can use aggregate goals as the tie-breaker...

Have at it, kids.