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Holy crap, Orioles actually come back?

Mark it down as a day to remember: The Orioles actually won when trailing after eight innings, coming back to beat the God awful Chicago White Sox, 7-6 in 10 innings.

I left the game when we were down 5-1 to watch boxing, and man oh man, did I not expect them to ACTUALLY come back and win.

I feel so bad for White Sox fans. I mean, they just won the World Series two years ago and had a good club last year. They're not as used to this junk as we are. Giving up 32 runs in one day to the Twins, losing a game late against the Orioles. What's next? Jeez Louise.

But I did say early in the game thread to not count us out, or, more accurately, to not count out the ineptitude of the White Sox. They are awful. I kind of like playing them, actually. It's like a contest to see less who wins than who doesn't manage to find an incredible way to lose again.