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Gameday Thread: Orioles at Mariners, 07/16

Game Time: 10:05 | TV: MASN2, FSN (SEA) | Radio: WHFS
Brian Burres, LH Horacio Ramirez, LH (4-3, 4.18) (4-2, 6.47) 2B B Roberts DH Ichiro SS C Gomez 2B J Lopez RF N Markakis LF R Ibanez 1B K Millar RF J Guillen 3B A Huff 3B A Beltre C R Hernandez 1B R Sexson LF J Payton C K Johjima DH J Knott SS Y Betancourt CF C Patterson CF J Ellison

Ramirez has bad control in Seattle, same as he had in Atlanta. Gets hurt just the same, too.

Brian Burres ain't a bad guy. I won't say nothin' about him today.

Ichiro might not be playing, as he is day-to-day after being drilled by a Justin Verlander heater in the fifth inning on Sunday. X-rays were negative and he was to be evaluated today.

The M's won two of three against us last month. Let's get revenge? OK.