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Rumor: Millar to Yankees?

The current rumor is Kevin Millar to the Yankees for "non-top ten prospects," but that we could see Peter Angelos nix the deal because Millar doesn't want to play in New York.

That is the most I've heard about it for now. I have conflicting feelings. Without letting it be a personal thing, I think it's sort of selfish of Millar to block possible improvement for the team just so he doesn't have to play for the Yankees.

But then if I let my feelings come in, I can go on and on. Millar's awesome, I love the guy. And at my fan root, I think, "This guy doesn't want to play for the Yankees? Awesome."

But he should probably be traded, in all honesty. He's getting near peak value, if he isn't there already. Great guy, and his attitude is even starting to infect MY curmudgeony, non-believer fan self, but he's not getting any better or younger, and he could bring back a player or two that could be good for this team for quite a while.