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Gameday Thread: Orioles at Mariners, 07/17

Game Time: 10:05 | TV: MASN2, FSN (SEA) | Radio: WHFS
Jeremy Guthrie, RH Felix Hernandez, RH (4-3, 3.07) (6-4, 3.66) 2B B Roberts CF Ichiro CF C Patterson DH J Vidro RF N Markakis LF R Ibanez 1B K Millar RF J Guillen DP A Huff 3B A Beltre C R Hernandez 1B R Sexson LF J Gibbons C K Johjima 3B C Gomez 2B J Lopez SS L Hernandez SS Y Betancourt

Nice pitching matchup tonight.

Did You Know?: Ichiro hits .378/.424/.498 against the Orioles for his career. The .922 OPS is his best mark against American League team. He sucks against Tampa Bay (.285/.318/.382).

Similarly, Brian Roberts torches the Mariners: .349/.414/.482. That's HIS best OPS against any AL team.

And if you're curious, Millar hits .231/.283/.337 against Seattle, and a robust .180/.203/.279 at SAFECO Field.

Kind of a downer, I guess.

Guthrie's last start was his worst of the season, as he was lit up by the White Sox on Thursday. This is the first time he faces Seattle.