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Gameday Thread: Orioles at White Sox, 07/02

Game Time: 8:11 | TV: MASN2, WCIU (CHI) | Radio: WHFS
Erik Bedard, LH Mark Buehrle, LH (6-4, 3.36) (5-4, 3.33) 2B B Roberts LF A Gonzalez 3B C Gomez 2B T Iguchi RF N Markakis DH J Thome 1B K Millar 1B P Konerko DH A Huff C A Pierzynski C R Hernandez RF J Dye LF J Payton 3B J Fields SS B Fahey CF L Terrero CF C Patterson SS J Uribe

I'm still annoyed by this quote from Trembley after Bedard beat the Yankees:

Erik Bedard seemed to get better as he went along. For him to bring his game to the level that he did tonight, knowing who he was facing, one-on-one with Mr. Clemens and the New York Yankees, I think says something about what we've got with Erik Bedard."

What? What was he facing? A third-place team under .500? MR. CLEMENS? Oh, gosh, not MISTER CLEMENS, the fat legend that has made a real killing on his own reputation this season. Trembley, you weiner. You Yankee-fearing weiner. I just don't get people that like Trembley. I did for three days, too, then he started saying stuff and putting together absurd-looking lineups. You want him as the manager? Really? Of course they play hard for him, it's been two weeks and he's not the guy that got fired.

"Mr. Clemens." The Orioles. God.

Mark Buehrle's had a good season and is trying to work out an extension with Chicago, which is what he wants. The White Sox might not. He's 28 and has had a good career. If the Sox think they can replace him, good for them. But the proposed four-year, $56 million deal is a freakin' bargain, really.

Also, hey, you know what, going back to the other thing. Can this team at least stop saying, "Gosh, I think Bedard really might be good." YOU KNOW HE'S GOOD. WE KNOW HE'S GOOD. Leave that shit to ESPN, shocked that there are a few good players on bad teams. How about you guys say, "Of course he won. He's really good. Where have YOU been?" Like when George ate his Snickers with a knife and fork. "How do you eat it?"