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Gameday Thread: Devil Rays at Orioles, 07/24

If anyone today has said anything about Tejada to San Diego "rumors," please note that it's not at all a rumor, just an idea that some guy from the North County Times had. And his ideas are awful. Like getting Jermaine Dye. You know, for PETCO Park.

Game Time: 7:05 | TV: MASN, WXPX (TAM) | Radio: WHFS
Scott Kazmir, LH Daniel Cabrera, RH (7-6, 4.02) (6-10, 5.30)

Scott Kazmir hasn't really had the season that I figure the D-Rays or his fantasy owners have hoped for. Lots of strikeouts, but he's been a little spotty, and his control still needs work.

But that makes him a lot better than crap ass Daniel Cabrera.

The Rays won 14-4 on Friday against the Yankees, then lost 7-3, 17-5 and 21-4. In short, the F'n Yankees are red hot and charging. I have my doubts they can be held off.