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Tejader cleared to play, should be back Friday

Hey, we won!

Good news: Miguel Tejada has come out of his injury slightly ahead of schedule (no real surprise), and has been cleared to play. Right now, it looks like he'll return to the lineup on Friday, when the Yankees get to town.

Miggi was having a pretty crap season by expected standards, but even that level of production sure beats the hell out of Brandon Fahey, Luis Hernandez, Chris Gomez and Freddie Bynum. Tejada should be welcomed back as a hero.

And it's nice to get our real shortstop back so that we don't see Cal Ripken, Jr., officially inducted into the Hall of Fame while one of the Try Hard Crew runs out to short for the O's.

Let's request one thing, though: Hit Tejada cleanup, hit Millar third. Tejada has batted .349/.396/.477 at the four-spot, and .243/.309/.342 one place up in the lineup. It's probably coincidental or dependent upon other factors more than anything, but that is a massive difference. Some guys can't hit leadoff. Maybe some guys can't hit third, at least some of the time.