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Gameday Thread: Devil Rays at Orioles, 07/26

Game Time: 12:35 | TV: MASN2, FSN (TAM) | Radio: WHFS
Edwin Jackson, RH Steve Trachsel, RH (2-9, 6.65) (5-7. 5.05)

Two ways to look at this game, in my mind.

1) Orioles get to face a pitcher with 2 wins in 11 decisions and an ERA closer to 7 than 6. Trax does enough to win, and Trembley makes the right calls to give the team a chance to win the series this weekend againt NYY. I'm thinking Trax for 6, then some combination of Bell and Parrish, maybe Shubacca. Bradford and Walker should not, under any circumstances, see the light of day today.


2) Trax is the Trax of late, barely gets through 4 innings, and Trembley has to use 3 or 4 guys from the pen just to get through the game. Win or loss is irrelevent - the bullpen's blown up for the weekend and we lose 2 games to NYY that we might not have had to.

I have a feeling it will be option #1. There's a different vibe with this team now. Remember, a week ago, the O's were just .500 under the Trebley regime, yet they've taken 2 or 3 against teh A's and the first two against teh D-Rays. Yes, these are games they SHOULD have won, bujt the point is, they actually won them. It's a refreshing change.

Let's go O's.