Never Forget - Why I hate NYY

At about 7:05 p.m. tomorrow night, Derek Jeter will trot out to and stand on second base with his team holding a two-run lead they should never had.

And a few outs later, the Orioles loss on June 28 will be official, barring a miraculous comeback.

Then the series really starts.

I want to beat these bastards BAD. BAD, I say. 3-2 wins won't be enough - I want to blow out their bullpen, put two of their starters on DL and get Joe Torre thrown out of at least 2 of the games.

It's irrational. It may even be stupid. It's certainly unrealistic.

But I want a f'ing SWEEP this weekend.

Go O's.

Use this space to explain WHY you hate NYY. Next Monday or so, let's do the same thing about BOS.

Update [2007-7-27 12:48:14 by duck]:Since it made the front page, I did a little editing for language.

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