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Chad Bradford to be traded?

Don't be fooled by the 'stache that he's got. Bradford, Bradford could be on the block.

The Yahoo rumor mill thing says, "Such a move, though, has become less likely since closer Chris Ray went on the disabled list."

And I think that's kinda stupid, but it does fit the long-standing Oriole Way. We aren't going to win a damn thing, so why keep Chad Bradford if you can get something for him? I really like the guy and he's been pretty damn good, so why not sell high? Is Chad Bradford really one of the dudes we're building the team around?

I'm not against keeping him, either. He's 33, but he's been pretty consistently successful and that should run through the end of his current deal and beyond.

But I have to figure that the three most likely players to be traded happen to be my three favorite players, and that kinda sucks.