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GET GREEDY - Let's Sweep!

And that's two from the Evil Empire.

I'll post something about my growing affection for Dave Trembly as manager probably on the off-day, but I wanted to give us yet another avenue to vent our hatred for the Yankees and express our glee at beating them AGAIN.

Seriously, look at the match-up tonight. A sure-fire Hall of Famer with 4 starts as good as anyone in his last 5, against a kid that looks like he's running for "Most 7-11 Jobs Quit" in his college yearbook. And if it wasn't for a call-up reliever melting down, the O's would have won by 6. SIX.

We have Danny Cabrera going tomorrow, and if Good Danny shows up, this could be a sweep. The bullpen's in decent shape, and off-days looms Monday to get everyone rested, and then it's off to Boston.

Here's hoping Boston's a little scared of us by the time the O's get there. With Bedard pitching Tuesday!

Photo from: Yahoo! Sports