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Gameday Thread: Yankees at Orioles, 07/29

Game Time: 1:35 | TV: MASN2, YES (NYY) | Radio: WHFS, WCBS (NYY)
Chien-Ming Wang, RH Daniel Cabrera, RH (11-5, 3.57) (7-10, 5.04)

Finale of a 3-game series, and the O's have already taken the first two. The first one, we expected - St. Guts has been the man this year.

The second? Well, a lot of us HOPED Brian Burres would step up to the challenege, and lo and behold, he did.

Now, does Good Danny, the one that 1-hit the Yankees at the end of last season, show up, or does Bad Danny, he of the million walks and home runs, make an unfortunately-timed appearance?

I can't overstate how important this game is for this team's pysche. They will have swept a division rival and have their pitching set for a poke at Boston next week with a good start by Danny. Even a bad start will give way to a day off tomorrow, limiting the damage.

Those at the stadium will enjoy Cal Ripken's induction speech, as it will be aired live during the game on tha JumboTron. Those at home can catch it exclusively live on ESPN Classic, and highlights will be run locally thereafter. It's DirecTv channel 208 for those with satellite.