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Pregame Open Thread for Everyone at Work-Why Do YOU Hate The Red Sox?

This thread from last week sure was fun.  

So, since we're all typing away waiting for 7:05 to arrive, let's have a place to jabber at each other. About the Bosox, or just about ... life.

I'll go first. I hate the Red Sox because as much as the NYY have gained bandwagon fans in the past decade, the Sox have outsdone them. It's impossible to travel north of Connecticut without being overwhelmed by Massholes sporting Sox paraphernalia. Where were all these people before, say, 2000 or so?

Yes, I know, there was a Red Sox Nation, but it was much smaller (and I might add, politer and humbler) back then.

Oh, yeah, also, the incredibly nasty accents. They ah the wuhst.

Considuh this yaw puhseuhnal conveuhsation pit.