What can we get for Trachsel?

Noted by dayzd, but somewhat lost in the shuffle of beating the Yankees and Sox and signing Weiters, was the fact that Trachsel cleared waivers earlier this month.

No one was really surprised. Trax has been nothing special this year.

But after yet another solid performance today, one has to wonder if there isn't some pitching-hungry competitor who would like him to shore up the back of their rotation.

People will always hit Trax. His stuff is hittable. Yet his style, wily veteran that he is, is to find ways out of jams he gets into.

Consider this: after coming off the DL, Trax had two awful starts. In four games since then, he has been quite serviceable.

To wit: 24-2/3 IP, 8 ER, which means a 2.31 ERA. 3 out of 4 quality starts, and the fourth was short by one out.

Yeah, his WHIP has been terrible over that stretch (1.79), but again, he lives on getting out of jams. Recently he's done that against Seattle, Boston (twice) and Toronto, all decent teams.  

Add to this the fact that he basically had a month off in the middle of the season. He's rested.

If you're in the Orioles FO, who are you trying to sell Trax to, and what do you want to get back for him?

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