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Aw, who cares?

Look, in one way, I find it as embarrassing as anyone else does. No one should give up 30 runs in nine innings. Ever. Ever, ever, ever, ever, ever. But, it happened. And, of course, it happened to us.

Dave Trembley is still my boy, I didn't get crazy overnight or anything. My advice to anyone whose mentality toward the team changes thanks to the Texas Rangers (who stink and can't hit) dropping 30 runs on the O's is simple: Laugh it off. To hell with it! Who cares?

I'm not even saying it doesn't suck. But, really, think about it. This was an historical disaster in pitching. This was the first time in 110 years that someone has scored 30 runs in a game. I tried for years to score 30 on RBI Baseball 4 for the Genesis, and the best I ever did was 26.

The odds are overwhelming that you or I will never see another 30-spot in a Major League Baseball game. It's too bad it was a game with us that went the way it did. It's still just one loss. And at least it was unique.

How many times can a game in late August move a team from seventh in the league in ERA to 11th? This will seriously damage our Pythagorean W-L record, too.

Frankly, I give the Orioles kudos for putting their cleats back on and going out there for another game right after. That takes guts in front of the hometown fans. If this had been turn of the century ball, Corey Patterson would have taken a battery off the back of his dome.

We gave up 30 runs. Enjoy the attention.

And let's give the Texas Rangers some credit. They hit the hell out of the ball. Way to beat our brains in, Rangers.