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Miggi's at it again: Trade me. Oops, did I say that? I just work here...

Before Diamond Dave started his involuntary 3-day vacation, he left an interesting batting order for last night's game. One that did NOT have the names Roberts, Mora or Tejada in it.

Well, Mr. "I Coulda Been Cal!" Tejada decided to take umbrage with this perceived affront to his manhood. From today's The (Baltimore) Sun:

Asked whether he was OK with the fact that the club might want to get a look at some younger players, Tejada said, "It would be nice. Then I can go somewhere else next year. They have somebody that can play short. That would be nice for me."

When asked if that meant that he wanted to be traded, Tejada said, "It's not like that's what I want, but at least if they have somebody else, they can trade me somewhere else."

Later, given another opportunity by a reporter to clarify his statement, Tejada said that he wasn't saying whether he wanted a trade or not. "That's up to them," he said. "I just work here."

Diamond Dave wasn't having it. He states he needed to see some of the younger guys play. No messages, no hidden agendas, he said, just need to see what we have:
Asked if he was sending a message to several of his veterans, Trembley said, "It's not intentional. ... But it's time to give these other guys some opportunities to play, especially back-to-back days. Moore, we need to get a read on him. [Luis] Hernandez, we need to get him in there a little bit more frequently."

That might be at the expense of Tejada, who insisted that he was not frustrated by getting the day off. Tejada had played in 1,152 straight games before going on the disabled list June 22 with a fractured bone in his left wrist.

"I don't know what they're doing," Tejada said. "I just got an off day, and I'm going to enjoy my day off. It's good to see players if they're going to have a whole new team next year."

And The Sun is starting the "but the FANS don't want to pay to see backups!" b.s. again:

It was (69-year-old Reese) Boyd's first game of the year, and unless those starters return to the lineup, it will be his last. Catcher Ramon Hernandez and third baseman Melvin Mora also sat out the game.

"I like to see the best team clearly possible on the field," Boyd said. "Tejada and Mora, they should be on the field. I want to see them have the best chance at winning, and in order to do that, you put the very best team on the field that you have."

Because they been SOOOOO successful so far. Uh, Reese? Those players you want to see have this team at about 20 games under .500. Just sayin'.

Is The Sun TRYING to goad PGA into keeping this crappy lineup on the field all year? God Forbid we actually find out if Luis Hernandez can play short, Scotty Moore (sorry, Elvis reference) can play 3rd and Brandon Fahey is worth finding a jersey that fits.

Because some almost-70 year old paid almost $30 for a ticket.

This, this is our team, people.