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With the Orioles long since buried, and their pitching staff in tatters, what will you do for the last two weeks of baseball season (I mean, except for Sundays, when you're watching football?)

I'l' tell you what you should do: root, root, root for the Motown Tigers.

By dint of the MFY's spectacular bullpen suckage today (see it happens to other teams too! It happened to Boston yesterday), coupled with the Tigers' nail-biter over Santana and the Twins, Detroit is within 2-1/2 games of the wildcard.

The schedule, no doubt, favors the MFY who, among other things, have six games against the hapless Birds, and three more against Tampa Bay. But Detroit has won 9 of 12 and is coming on strong. And although I accidentally placed him in Minneapolis a week or so ago, Michigan is SC's turf, and I'm sure he won't object to some of you spending the next two weeks over at Bless You Boys.

So deal out some big love for Pudge, Ordonez, Bonderman, Verlander, and the rest of the crew. Cheer extra hard for the O's in their games against the Evil Empire. Detroit is kind of who we want to become: a mid-market team that got there with sound pitching and defense and a few timely FA acquisitions on offense. True, we're a few years away from that (still), but that's no reason to be a Tigah hatah.