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Do we HAVE to? Orioles @ MFY, 09/18

B. Roberts 2b .292 J. Damon dh .260 T. Redman cf .341 D. Jeter ss .316 N. Markakis rf .292 B. Abreu rf .287 M. Tejada ss .299 A. Rodriguez 3b .312 K. Millar dh .256 H. Matsui lf .288 A. Huff 1b .285 J. Posada c .338 M. Mora 3b .271 R. Cano 2b .299 R. Hernandez c .242 D. Mientkiewicz 1b .241 F. Bynum lf .267 M. Cabrera cf .282

The commissioner says the O's HAVE to play the rest of the games, so here we go. Make life miserable for the MFY, boys.

And just because I still love this photo...

How's the ring fit, indeed.