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No-hit by a rookie, and I can't take it anymore

Another lost, pointless season as a Baltimore Orioles fan.

I go out, get accosted for wearing this hat. And as most of you know, I live in Michigan. (Funny thing is, I'm also a U of M football fan, so Saturday was just crackerjack for my teams.)

What do you do every September? I've taken to just giving up. This team is an insult to each and every one of us, Melvin Mora's, "Please, show up, we'd be better!" aside. I had a whole thing that I wrote on Friday night/Saturday morning, about the team and the future, and some of the bright spots.

There aren't any. Bedard will leave. Roberts will leave (and probably not a moment too soon, really). Guthrie should be a good pitcher, but he's not going to be continuing that Greg Maddux impersonation he had down to a science earlier this season. Maybe Billy Rowell turns out. Maybe a few other guys do. (I love Nick Markakis, I won't say a bad word about him.)

But they're tanking. Again. This team has no guts, no guile, no spirit, and no pride. I hate to be like an old-timey sportswriter (think Dave Egan if you've ever read Leigh Montville's Ted Williams) and just be super negative, but to hell with this team. Either get better or every bit of vile and venom any random fan throws your way is entirely deserved. We've endured this garbage for a decade. Enough's enough.

The bullpen is a laughingstock. The starting rotation is almost, sort of, kind of, there. The lineup needs, well, a lot of work.

Trade Miguel Tejada this offseason. I appreciate that he showed something coming off his injury, but let that guy go to a good team and try to build on what you can get in trade. Plenty of teams would love a shortstop of his offensive caliber. Teams that might be Miguel Tejada away from winning the whole damn thing.

I could go on. I won't. You all know. I figure most of you feel roughly the same. If you're still optimistic, you're a better person than I am, I suppose.