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Adios, Trebelhorn

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Tom "windmill" Trebelhorn is the first offseason casualty (Sportsline).

The Baltimore Orioles began an offseason of change Sunday by firing bench coach Tom Trebelhorn, who spent 12 years with the organization.

The decision was made by Dave Trembley, who inherited Trebelhorn after replacing Sam Perlozzo as manager on June 18.

"We're going to do what we feel we have to do in order to change the face and identity of this team, (so) we're going in another direction," Trembley said. "I can't say that Treb is not coming back because he didn't work hard or he doesn't have knowledge. That's not the case. I'm going to bring in somebody else."

The Orioles will also replace first base coach Sam Mejias, Trembley said.

A decision on the other coaches will probably come before the team holds its organizational meeting on Oct. 8.

Mazzone's fate has not yet been decided, but he has expressed an interest to stay.

I say "great!"; I want to see major changes to this ballclub, and this shows a willingness to fight the stagnancy of past years.

Adios, Tom. Goodbye, good luck, and keep sendin' guys from third wherever you matter how much they'll be bead ducks at the plate.

UPDATE: I now see this was covered in the game thread, but, whatever. Now's your chance to discuss the NEW ORIOLE DIRECTION!