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Gameday Thread: Yankees at O's, end of the road

Next Game: Sun., September 30 @ 1:35 p.m. ET
TV: MASN, YES | Radio: WHFS 105.7

93-68 (W1, 41-39 R)


69-92 (L1, 35-45 H)

Dempsey's Army may "salute our newest lefty," but I do not. Apparently, Trembley and the rest of the organization see something in Burres. I see a guy who walks too many people and gets hit too much.

On the other side, it's Sean Henn. "Henn-credibly bad performance" is the only thing I'll ever think of when Sean Henn takes the hill.

The Orioles met Being Terrible in the winter of 1997. Having just split up with their fantastic fiancé, Davey Johnson, the Birds took the legendary advice of Earl Weaver and went out at night, hustlin' on the streets. They came home with Being Terrible, eloped, and even through instabilities (it seems like Being Terrible changes jobs every other year), they've stuck together.

Join me in celebrating the tenth anniversary of the awe-inspiring marriage of the Baltimore Orioles and Being Terrible. They're renewing their vows at 1:35 on MASN. It's an open bar.

(Note: Plenty of seating available. Many friends simply have other plans.)

Here are the National League scenarios. Go Rockies, go, go!