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I got 2.5 games to go

I was schtinkin' -- maybe last place is what this team needs.

Schtink about it. We finish fourth every year and nothing changes. Then Angelos or some other gomer in the front office puts on the whine face and talks about how durn tough it is to compete with the Yankees and Red Sox because they win games, have money, and then spend it on the team so that they can win more games and have more money next year, instead of relying on a "beautiful park" to draw fans in, and then wondering why no one shows up to see Melvin Mora frown his way into the bottom echelon of major league third basemen.

If Tampa Bay takes fourth place from us, it can't get any lower. When Tampa Bay can beat you out down the stretch, you have to look in the mirror. Don't you?

Someone with a brain and some vision and a real plan has got to step in and fix this franchise, or we're never getting out of this rut. Miguel Tejada missed, like, 30 games, and he's going to wind up leading the team in home runs. And he spent most of his season not even hitting with any power. That's a problem.

Erik Bedard's out for the year, most likely, so you can go ahead and tune out. Nothin' to see here anymore, folks. Forget it. And without E.B. (E.B. was left out! E.B. was left out!), the team's chances of hanging on to fourth place slip even more. Honestly, the only thing that stops Tampa Bay from taking over second-to-last in a Miracle Mets-type season for them is their own crappiness. Only they can prevent forest fires. And considering the last time we saw them, they won 17-2, my hopes ain't exactly up.

And I don't even know if I want them to be up anymore. Shit, lose the rest of your games. Who cares? Finish 60-102. It's after midnight, O's. Let it all hang out.

To be positive, even if he's finished, Bedard just had the best season by an O's starter since the heyday of Mike Mussina. I still salute him. Now if he could just make it to 200 innings...