Do you live close enough to the O's to see them regularly?

Just curious.

I was wondering what the makeup of fans is here. I know there's a big NY contingent, and some folks out west, and of course our esteemed founder is in the Twin Cities. For those of us out of town, CC is a great way to catch up on the local mood regarding the team. But for that to happen requires locals to be here as well. And fortunately there are a bunch of them on the site. Just what is the ratio of locals vs out-of-towners is what I was wondering.

So take the poll. I had to pick an arbitrary distance, so I picked an hour. Anyone who's regularly driving more than an hour to a baseball game is being damned faithful. But if you live in Harford county and it's just over an hour, and you consider yourself local, then answer accordingly.

For bonus points, state where you actually live in the comments. This has been done before, but it's always nice to update the files...

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