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Are You Ready For Some Football? Gameday: Red Sox at Orioles, 09/09

Game time: 1:35 pm | TV: MASN2; NESN
Radio: WHFS 105.7 ; WRKO 680 (BOS)

Josh "I wannabe Curt!" Beckett, RH Jeremy Guthrie (17-6, 3.30) (7-5, 3.65)

Jeremy Guthrie deserves better, people. Seriously - a dozen or so no-decisions, a 3.65 ERA and all this team can get for him is SEVEN wins? Guts would have had seven by the end of May if we had any offense, defense or bullpen.

The J.V. took care of things last night, and I hope Melvin Mora is getting REALLY insecure about his job right now. Better get an OF glove this off-season, MelMo. You MIGHT just need it.

The NFL starts in earnest today, except for the Ravens, Bengals, Cardinals and 49ers. So unless you're a fan of one of those four teams (and I'd like to think there's a fair amount of Ravens fans here), enjoy one of those wonderful major sports double-headers - football and baseball. And with Roger Federererererer going for his, what, 17th straight U.S. Open, there's tennis too.

And yet we still spend part of our day with the O's. We must be sick.

Go O's.