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Huff to have hernia surgery, miss 4-6 weeks

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Those of you who'd hoped we could somehow trade him might as well take off the rose-colored glasses. Per

BALTIMORE -- Aubrey Huff became Baltimore's first offseason casualty Thursday night, when the designated hitter announced through the Orioles that he will undergo surgery to repair a sports hernia on Friday in Philadelphia. Huff, who hit 15 home runs last year, is expected to be able to resume full activity in six weeks.

That return date could cause him to miss the first few days of Spring Training, which are generally reserved for sprints and light conditioning. Huff, a notoriously slow starter throughout his career, followed that same pattern in 2007, but also hit for the cycle and posted batting averages of .363 and .330 in the final two months of the season.

Wait. I thought Tejada was the first off-season casualty.