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NFL Playoffs/Open Thread

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Let's just get some talkin' done.


Suck it!

I would like to brag about calling the upset, but my pick of Indy "big" over San Diego cancels a lot of that one out. Indy-SD is the only game I've been wrong about so far, and that's better than I usually do. But I picked the Giants because any 10-win team, I think, really should win one out of three against a 13-win team. They knew what the Giants would do and they beat them. I also quite like Eli Manning. He's pretty damn good, really, and he's been able to survive the New York media shitstorm with his chin up. Now he's got the Giants in the NFC championship game. He deserves some props, as do the rest of those players and Tom Coughlin.

I do not like San Diego. They're too arrogant, too Southern California. Phil Rivers bugs me. I think it's nice that Norv Turner did such a good job turning that team around this season. I just wish it had been a less obnoxious group of players than the Chargers.

Picks for the title games:
New England 38, San Diego 24
Green Bay 24, New York 17

The Giants are one of those teams peaking at the right time, but at Lambeau in the NFC title game? Favre will have to beat the Packers himself with dumb mistakes (it's not like it'd be the first or 20th time) for Green Bay to lose that one.

It'd be neat to see a Patriots-Giants rematch in the Super Bowl, though, as much as most of us hate Boston and New York sports. The Giants really won me over with the way they played New England in the final week of the season. That was really a playoff-type game on both sides.

On a totally unrelated note, I saw Juno last week and nearly hated it. Whenever a movie is reviewed by the old farts that review movies or the sarcastic Gen-X leftovers that review movies, and it is said to have "witty dialogue," I almost immediately assume that will mean that it has a bunch of people speaking quickly and using lots of slang that no one on earth actually uses. Sometimes (Swingers) it doesn't totally bug the hell out of me. Sometimes (Juno) it's just blatantly absurd. If it weren't for the supporting players (the adults), the movie would have been ass awful. It works as a drama with comedic moments, but totally fails as a comedy with dramatic moments, which is exactly what it was.

I had a girlfriend when I was younger that talked somewhat like Ellen Page's character, too, and God was it annoying. So that might play into my dislike of the movie. In short, if you want to see a recent comedy about people who didn't expect to get pregnant, just rent Knocked Up.