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Sunday Link Dump

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Hey, gang, how's it going? There is F-all to talk about right now, other than the hilarity of "This is Birdland," which I have a feeling is going to stick around just as long as, "The Time is Now, The Place is Now."

How about those playoff games yesterday? The Pack sure did smoke something called the "Sea Hawks" and the night game was as predictable as they come. "The Jaguars can beat the Patriots!" I heard it all week. Then they played as well as they could and the ridiculous chowderheads pulled away in the end. Go figure!

Today, give me the Colts, big, over Norv Turner and The Gang, and I'll take the Giants to score the upset in Dallas, then all the Deadspin-styled sites can go nuts about Yoko Romo until camp opens next year.

I'll tell you something else: I hate the Patriots and Boston sports in general (I've got nothing against the Bruins, I guess, other than the fact that they're in Boston), but that team is so good that I feel it'd be a shame if anyone but New England were to win the Super Bowl. Sadly, they're due to lose.

Here's some stuff to read:

New bullpen coach Alan Dunn appreciates getting job from old buddy Dave Trembley [Montgomery Advertiser]

Dan Connolly bemoans the lack of an innings-eating veteran starter, among other things [Sun]

Asks Connolly, "Will fan favorite and community leader Roberts be dealt to the Chicago Cubs?"

It's terms like "fan favorite" and "community leader" that often get in the way of actually, you know, rebuilding, which wasn't going to be done within one offseason, and anyone that expected it -- as Connolly appears to have done -- was a fool.

Seniors '08! Rick Maese and His Photo give the business to the "right now" news culture that made that bad Orioles Hangout Roberts rumor happen [Sun]

"Baseball Expert" Tony DeMarco talks about Andy MacPhail and a team called the Baltimore Orioles, perhaps hoping to inform the rest of the country that our team does still exist [MSNBC]

The A's are going to trade Mark Kotsay to the Braves [AP via Yahoo!]

I'm all for patience, but, really: Andy, this is how you rebuild. Tear it down and actually rebuild. Stop with the patching.

Roger Clemens went to share his knowledge with Texas high school baseball coaches in Waco [AP via Yahoo!]