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Guthrie gets new one-year deal

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Source: AP via Yahoo!

Jeremy Guthrie signed a new one-yeal deal with the O's that will pay him a whopping $770,000 if he stays on the major league roster all season, but goes down to $247,000 if he's sent to the minors.

Orioles president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail said Guthrie's contract was a product of the deal the pitcher signed with Cleveland in 2002 as the 22nd overall draft pick. If Guthrie is sent to the minor leagues, he will be paid on a salary scale of $247,000 a year.

Guthrie would have to be some kind of pure awful to get sent to the minor leagues on this damned team.

Hopefully Guthrie is on his way to making some big money, and he'll be paid by the Orioles for a while. He's a really good dude, and even though I sort of consider myself a non-believer, I have to admit I'm really, really rooting for the guy.