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List of non-roster invites

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Pitchers: LHP Craig Anderson, RHP Ryan Bukvich, RHP Ryan Keefer, RHP Roberto Novoa

Catchers: Ben Davis, Matt Wieters, Omir Santos

Infielders: Mike Costanzo, Omar Salazar, Eider Torres

Outfielder: Luis Terrero

Best Player: Wieters, duh

Most Likely to Make the Roster: I dunno -- Terrero?

Guy I Kinda Hope Makes the Team: Ben Davis

Ben Davis was once a legit prospect who has gone quite well to pot, but you may remember him for stirring up the works in 2001 when he bunted for a single to break up Curt Schilling's perfect game in the eighth inning. I always thought Davis' bunt was quite reasonable; Jay Bell was playing way back, it was a 2-0 game in May, and the Padres were trying to win. "Unwritten rules" my ass. Schilling walked Bubba Trammell next, anyway, and Alex Arias led off the ninth with a double.

Wieters, though, is the real deal, and could probably do a major league job already. He came out of Georgia Tech almost fully formed, and although conventional wisdom says to see how he does at least up to Bowie, I'd rather have him starting than Razor Ramon. But that's not in the cards, probably, unless he's so great in spring training that he can't be denied.